Primary Sources

London: British Library MSS

Arundel, 97, 151

Cotton Caligula D. VII

Cleopatra, E. VI

Cotton Faustina C. ii

Cotton Nero, B. vi

Cotton Nero C. X.

Cotton Otho, X

Cotton Titus B.i

CottonVespasian, C. XIV; F.XIII

Galba B XII

Harleian 589, 1419B, 6807

Lansdowne 840, A.

Royal 14 B. XIX; 17 B XXVIII

Kew: The National Archives MSS

E          23/4/1

















PC       2/2–2/3


Printed Editions

[unless otherwise noted, all editions printed in London]

Words in bold are reference terms

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[unless otherwise noted, all editions printed in London]

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