Case File No. 22

The King on the complaint of Catharine Payne v. Peter Winsor
16 May 1819
[Before Robert Carter, JP]

For a Violent Assault and Breach of the peace ~
Catharine Payne, Sworn, deposed and on her Oath Saith-

That on the 12th day of May instant about the Hour of Eleven OClock in the forenoon—the defendant came into her dwelling House, and ordered her to quit the same that Instant—on her refusing to Comply, deft struck her ablow with his fist on the face and Seizing her by the arms, used all his strength to drag her out—and failing therein, he Seized her by the neck, and held and draged her with such violence as nearly suffocated her, and that in this inhumane Struggle he marked her face and Bruised her very much in different parts of her Body, which at present is apparent—Evidence was Sworn, which proved the assault and the defendant Acknowledging the Same ~

Ordered that Defendant pay a fine of £5.. to the King and Court Charges £2.7.8—and that he find security to keep the peace for three months in the sum of £30… which was done. ~

Sources: PANL, GN 5/1/C/1, Ferryland, 81, Rex. v. Peter Winsor, 16 May 1819.