Case File No. 3

Regina v. Thomas Leary
2 and 4 January 1855
Before Matthew Morry, JP
Charles McCarthy of Renews in his Examination this day Said that he bought Spirits from Thomas Leary of Renews and payed him for it, the Said McCarthy son then Sworn, and proves that he did buy Spirits from Thomas Leary and pay him for it.

Whereupon a Summons was issued against the said thomas Leary to Show cause (if any) why he should not be Fined for selling Spirits without License.

Thursday January 4th.
Before Matthew Morry
Thomas Leary against whom a Summons was issued on the 2nd. Inst. was brought to the court by the officer Evans, and on bring asked why he should not be Fined for Selling Spirits without a License Said that his Wife applied for a License last fall whilst he was at Sea and that She was told by the officer Sullivan that a License would not be granted to her. that her husband was the proper person to make application, that he (Leary) was Sick ever Since he came from Sea, and not able to come to Ferryland to apply for a License.

Monday, 1 January 1855
Liquor license issued to Thomas Leary of Renews for a 12-month period. Bond—£40.

[In the court minutes, this entry appears after the court hearing on the matter, amidst February hearings, and doubtless was issued after the fact. In the clerk's drafts on file, the draft license, although also dated January 1, was written on a separate piece of paper, blue in color, and was pasted into the main text between entries for 28 December 1854, and 2 January 1855, without any mention of the court hearing, again creating the impression that the license was back-dated.]

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