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Unpublished Documentary Sources

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park, New York:

Berle, Adolf A. Papers.
Dewson, Mary. Papers.
Elliot, Thomas H. Papers.
Hopkins, Harry L. Hopkins. Papers.
Pell, Herbert Claiborne Pell. Papers.
Roosevelt, Eleanor. Papers.
Roosevelt, Franklin D. Collected Speeches, 1910-1945.
___. Family, Business and Personal Affairs, 1882-1945.
___. Papers as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, 1913-21.
___. Papers, 1920-1928.
___. Papers pertaining to the campaign of 1928.
___.Papers as Governor of New York, 1929-1932.
___.Papers as President, Alphabetical File, 1933-1945.
___. Papers as President, Official File, 1933-1945.
___. President's Personal File, 1933-1945.
___. President's Secretary's File, 1933-1945.
___. Articles by FDR.
___. Map Room Files, 1941-45.
Taussig, Charles W. Papers.
Wallace, Henry A. Papers as Vice President, 1941-45

Sumner Welles Papers:

Personal Business Papers, 1909-1915.
Office Correspondence, 1920-1943.
Personal Correspondence, 1943-1950.
Major Correspondents, 1925-1950.
Welles Mission papers, 1940.
State Department Posts, 1920-1932.
Europe Files, 1933-1943.
Latin America Files, 1933-1943.
Postwar Foreign Policy Files, 1940-1943.
Speeches and Articles collection, 1928-1951.
Appointment Diaries, 1934-1943.
Scrapbooks, 1933-1951.

National Archives, College Park, Maryland:

Records of the Department of State. The Files of Harley Notter. Record Group 59:

    Minutes and supporting documents of the Advisory Committee on the Problems of Foreign Relations, 1939-1940.

    Minutes and supporting documents of the Advisory Committee on Postwar Foreign Policy, 1942-1943.

    Minutes and supporting documents of the Special Subcommittee on International Organization, 1942-1943. (PIO minutes, PIO documents)

    Minutes and supporting documents of the Subcommittee on Economic Problems, 1942-1943. (E minutes, E documents)

    Minutes and supporting documents of the Subcommittee on Political Problems, 1942-1943. (P minutes, P documents)

    Minutes and supporting documents of the Subcommittee on Security Problems, 1942-1943. (S minutes, S documents)

    Minutes and supporting documents of the Subcommittee on Territorial Problems, 1942-1943. (T minutes, T documents)

War History Branch, Division of Historical Research, Record Group 59:

    Gosnell, Harold F.' "Under Secretary Welles, September 1939-September 1943."

Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress:

Alsop, Joseph. Papers.
Bohlen, Charles. Papers.
Davies, Joseph E. Papers.
Davis, Elmer. Papers.
Davis, Norman. Papers.
Dodd, William E. Papers.
Dreikus, Rudolf. Papers.
Farley, James A. Papers.
Feis, Herbert. Papers.
Harriman, Averell. Papers.
Harrison, Leland. Papers.
Henderson, Loy. Papers.
Hull, Cordell. Papers
Ickes, Harold. Papers.
Inman, Samuel. Papers.
Knox, Frank. Papers.
Long, Breckinridge. Papers.
Milton, George Fort. Papers.
Pulitzer, Joseph. Papers.
Sayre, Francis B. Papers.
Steinhardt, Laurence A. Papers.
Sweetser, Arthur. Papers.
White, William Allen. Papers.

British Public Record Office, Kew, United Kingdom:

Cabinet Office. Cabinet Papers (CAB).
Foreign Office Files (FO).
Prime Minister's Office. Premier 3 and 4 Files. (PREM 3, PREM 4)

Published Primary Sources

Documents, Published Letters, and Speeches

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Newspapers and Magazines

The American Mercury
The Baltimore Sun
The Nation
The New Republic
The New York Herald Tribune
The New York Times
The Saturday Evening Post
The Washington Post
The Washington Star

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Sumner Welles, Postwar Planning, and the Quest for a New World Order, 1937-1943