Case File No. 36

Catharine Power at the Suit of the Crown v. William Deringwater, alias Drinkwater
20 September 1806
Before William Carter and James Lowe, JPs

This was an action by information against the Defendant at the suit of the Crown, charging him with opening the door of the House in which the plaintiff dwelt at Renewse (in the district aforesaid [Ferryland]) and after so entering the dwelling house aforesaid between the hours of ten and twelve oClock at night, did assault and ill treat the Plaintiff against the Laws and statutes of the realm and against the peace of our said Lord the King. This charge resting on the unsoported solitary deposition of a woman of infamous character who by the deposition of John Hawsey was by him put into her bed intoxicated at Eight oClock the same night and it appearing by the testimony of three creditable witnesses that the Defendant was not from his house during the night the complaint was submitted to a Jury who immediately returned the following verdict. "from the Evidence before the Jury on the part of the defendant William deringwater we the undersigned are of opinion that the said William deringwater is not guilty of the charge alledged against him by Catharine Power"

Francis Tree Foreman Thomas Head John Sanders
John Pike William Rion Richard Gorman
John Steer Thomas Colleton
Thomas Norris Matthew Ronan
Richard Holman Thomas Meagher

The defendant was accordingly acquitted and the plaintiff Catharine Power ordered to be sent from here by the first opportunity to Ireland.

Sources: PANL, GN 5/4/C/1, Ferryland, box 1, Catharine Power at the Suit of the Crown v. William Deringwater, alias Drinkwater, 20 September 1806.