Case File No. 28

Jane Holehan [also Hollehan] v. Catherine Walsh

8 October 1819
Before William Nugent Glascock, Surrogate

Ptf stated Deft had falsely accused her of Witchcraft and praying a Summons for Deft to appear before the Court.

A Summons was granted accordingly for Deft to appear on the 15 October 1819 before Wm Phipard Esqr Magistrate who is requested to enter into the merity of the case.-

26 November 1819
Before William Phipard, JP

This case before William N. Glaskcock Esqr. Surrogate—folio 72—and defer'd untill the 15 October—by summons granted to Plaintiff.—The Parties appeared on the 26 November.— Plaintiff states that Deft has accused Plaintiff of Witchcraft . . . and when Plaintiff went to see Deft—said to James McGrath (now dead)—that the Plaintiff went over to Peters River—decidedly to take away the milk of a Cow by force of witchcraft ~ Plaintiff produced two Witnesses to prove.~

Hugh Kelly
Sworn } — and states that he heard Deft. say—that she suspected no other person else but the Plaintiff for the loss of her Cows milk ~.

Ellen Peddle
Sworn } — That she heard Deft. say—that she suspected no other Person—but the Plaintiff—for the taking away the Milk—from Defts Cow—but still she coud not say that she did ~.

The case labouring under such inconsistencys—and Defendant not attending the summons in due course—Decree'd—the Defendant do pay the cost of summons—to the Constable serving—ten pence p[er] mile for thirty miles -

William Phipard J.P.

Sources: PANL, GN 5/4/C/1, St. Mary's, 72 and 83, Jane Holehan [also Hollehan] v. Catherine Walsh, 8 October and 26 November 1819.