Case File No. 27

Mrs. Warne

Thomas Murphy v. James Warne
20 November 1793
Before Isaac Follett, (local) Surrogate

Thomas Murphy complaining and produced a Note of hand of James Warne, which the sd Murphy still asserted to have been unpaid, and also that in a former acct. Mrs. Warne had overcharged him Six Pounds, and never settled with him for a three Pounds Bill which he delivered to the said Warnes wife ~

Affirmations  James Warne and his wife have produced their Books and solemnly affirmed to the legality and Justness of their accts. and evidently made appear that Murphys charge was Malicious and illfounded.

The Court therefore decrees that Murphy in consequence of not being able to prove his charge, be confined on Bread and Water for three days, & fined Forty Shillings for the use of the King ~

Sources: PRL, 340.9 N45, Trepassey—St. Mary's, 15, Thomas Murphy v. James Warne, 20 November 1793.