Case File No. 23

Charlotte Flood

Regina v. William Mitchell
2 August 1841
[Before Robert Carter and Mathew Morry, JPs]

This day Charlotte, Wife of James Flood of Ferryland (fisherman) also appeared and complained on oath that the aforesaid William Mitchell several times in the absence of her Husband assaulted and beat her and repeatedly threatened to take her Life and that of Her Husband and Child. The said Mitchell being already in custody on the Complaint of Lewis M. Lynch [charged 31 July 1841, and found guilty 9 August 1841], remains for trial for this complaint also. [Mitchell was also found guilty of assault and battery against one Patrick Costello, 10 November 1840, and guilty of threatening John White (his master) with burning his house down and other injuries, 24 and 27 August 1840.]

Regina v. William Mitchell
9 August 1841
Before Robert Carter and Mathew Morry, JPs

The said William Mitchell was also called on to answer the Complaint of Charlotte, Wife of James Flood of Ferryland for an Assault and Battery and repeatedly threatening to take away her own as well as her Husbands and Childs lifes. The Court adjudged the said Mitchell to stand further committed for Trial, James Flood and Charlotte his Wife having entered into the required security to appear and prosecute the said Mitchell when called on so to do.

Regina v. William Mitchell
28 October 1841
Before Hugh A. Emerson, Acting Supreme Court Justice, with Robert Carter and Matthew Morry, JPs

The Queen against William Mitchell, for assault on one Charlotte Flood at Ferryland on the twenty second day of July last

A True Bill returned by Grand Jury-J. H. Carter, foreman
The Prisoner is arraigned and upon his arraignment pleads Not Guilty and ready for Trial
Petty Jury Sworn

Evidence for the Crown
Charlotte Floodspacersworn

Prisoner addresses the Petty Jury
His Lordship charged the Petty Jury who retired and return into Court with the following Verdict

The Court sentenced the Prisoner to twenty four hours imprisonment.

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