Case File No. 21

Mary McMahon v. John Quilty
8 October 1833
Before Justice A. Desbarres with J. H. Martin, JP

Action brought to recover £20.0.0 for a Trespass on Pltffs property

The Parties appeared in Court & agreed to leave all matters on things in dispute between them to Benjamin Sweetland Esqr. whose determination and award, after hearing the Parties, set down in writing and returned into this Court shall be final, and Judgment entered thereon, as on the verdict of a Jury

The following award was accordingly given in to Court
In the Case McMahon vs. Quilty
The Defd is satisfied to give the Pltff, in addition to the spot on which her House is built, a spot adjoining thereto, bounded by a Slide Path running by Thomas Tobins fence, commencing at the corner nearest the Road, leading between William Burks Plantation and Thomas Tobins Garden and bearing about N.W by W. fifty seven yards, from thence N by E. fifty five yards and SE. by S. thirty five yards, from thence back to the stake from whence we started South forty seven Yards, and also to give her a Path through his Garden to the Well. That the Pltff is to remove her fence and longers now putting up, and to pay her own Costs, the Defd. having made her the same liberal offer before this action was brought

St. Marys
8th Oct. 1833 B Sweetland

Judgment pursuant to award

Sources: PANL, GN 5/2/C/1, box 1, 317-18, Mary McMahon v. John Quilty, 8 October 1833.