Case File No. 20

Mary Bryan
10 October 1780

Gov. R. Edwards to Justice Isaac Follet, Trepassey, October 10, 1780, to enquire into Mary Bryan's petition complaining of Mr. Townshend being about to turn her out of a Plantation

Having received a Petition from Mary Bryan of St. Maries setting forth that her Husband (who is insane) holds a Plantation by Lease, John Richards of the same place, who let it to Mr. Townshend last February, the term of the Lease, but as she says there is a Clause in it specifying 12 Months warning is to be given.

I desire you will inquire particularly into the matter, as the Poor woman and her family must naturally be distressed if turned out of their House at this time of… Year, settle it for her, as amicably as you can—tho I think Mr. Townshend has a right to possess it in time to carry on his fishery next year.

Sources: PANL, GN 2/1/A, vol. 9 (reverse end), 26, Governor Edwards to Justice Isaac Follet, 10 October 1780.