Case File No. 18

Jane Costeloe v. Bridget Whealon
3 August 1795
[Before Robert Carter, Sr., and Nicholas Brand, JPs]

Jane Costeloe stated in Petition No. 5 that she hired Bridget Whealon for one year, and that the said Whealon had Eloped from her service, Whealon, the Defendant acknowledged that she hired herself to the said Mrs. Costeloe, for three pounds for the year Virbally, but her reason for quiting her service are [sic] that she frequently Beat and Scolded her.

Order'd her to return to her Service & Reprimanded her. (no charges)

Sources: PRL, 340.9 N45, Ferryland, Jane Costeloe v. Bridget Whealon, 3 August 1795.