Case File No. 17

Catherine Lancrop v. John Doody, Jr.
29 September 1818
Before John Gordon, Surrogate

Pltf complains of an assault States that she served the Dft nearly one year and that he did not pay her passage out, she further states that Dft did strike her, drew blood from her and that she lay some time for dead

The Dft appearing in Court admits striking the Pltf and giving no reason why he should not pay the Plaintiffs passage Money

Decreed the Dft do pay afine of Forty Shillings to our Sovereign Lord the King for assaulting the Pltf also to pay the balance of her Wages together with the passage Money with Court Fees 2nd Class.

Sources: PANL, GN 5/4/C/1, St. Mary's, 52, Catherine Lancrop v. John Doody, Jr., 29 September 1818.