Case File No. 11

Tobin and St. Croix families

Catharine St. Croix v. Martin Tobin
22 January 1820
Before William Phipard, JP

The complaint of Catharine St. Croix—that on the 20th January~ She put a quantity of Clothes on her Garden fence to dry—That early on the same day she missed two Cotton Shirts ~ The snow then being on the ground she traced the footstep of a man from said fence to the Dwelling of Martin Tobin ~ and for many other reasons—do firmly believe—and do more solemnly swear on Oath—that she do suspect the said Martin Tobin to be the agressor—and that the said Cotton Shirt [sic] has been deposited, or secreted in the said Tobins Dwelling—and prays that a Warrant be grantd her ~ A search Warrant was accordingly granted—addressed to the Dy Sherriff—Sheriffs report that no property of the said Catharine St. Croix was visible ~ in, or above the Dwelling of said Martin Tobin—

Ellen Tobin v. Ann St. Croix
27 June 1823
Before William Phipard, JP

Plaintiff states that she called on Mrs. Linnahan on the 27th Inst. June—that the Defendant was then siting down—I asked her the reason why she so abused my Sister—and often in the habit of th[r]owing rocks at me and my Brother—She then took a stick from out of the fire and struck me several times on the face—The principal Evidence being on the point of confinement—this case stand over untill the first Court of Sessions or Surrogate Court held at St Marys.

Bridget S Croix v. Thoms. Tobin
30 June 1823
Before William Phipard, JP

Plaintiff complains—and states as she was coming from Mr. Quiltys last evening—met with Thomas Tobin—when he accosted me and said now you vagabond hore I have you—I told him I woud not be wishing for him for a pair of Shoes to touch me—He then took a Broom stick —which I had in my hand—and struck me several times—and said that he would watch us day and night—to be revenged —

The Defendant being absent on the fishing account—This case remains over for the decision of a Surrogate.

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