Case File No. 6

Mary Sweeny v. Patrick Fowler
7 October 1818
[Before Robert Carter, JP]

To Recover £6 .. .. for attendance Board & Lodging of James Aylward during his Illness ~

James Aylward was Servant to defendant who for the Convenience of Medical attendance was left in care of the pltiff for Board Lodging and Attendance in his illness and agreed topay her Twenty Shillings weekly for the same—at the end of Seven Weeks Aylward removed to his Service and the pltiff made a Charge against him of Six pounds only requesting it from Fowler who objected to the payment ~
An order of Court was sent to deft. requesting him to pay plaintiff Six pounds or appear to Shew reason to the Contrary ~

Sources: PANL, GN 5/1/C/1, Ferryland, 50, Mary Sweeny v. Patrick Fowler, 7 October 1818.