Case File No. 5

Dennis Stokes v. — Butler
[3 July] 1787
Before Robert Carter, JP

Complt. That the said Stokes being violently taken ill ~ of a Rheumatic Fever ~ occasioned by a great Cold ~ by which his hands were benumbed & all his body was Affected with it the said Butler being Master of the Voyage to Edmond Colbert of Cape Broil Boatkeeper—also the said Stokes was Shipped to the said Colbert to serve him as a Cooper (as in his shipping paper underwritten will mention, the said Edmond Colbert was at the Westward when the said Stokes was taken ill ~ the said Butler being left as manager ~ turned the said Stokes off the room ~ & would not provide any Subsistance for the said Stokes for the recovery of his Health ~ whereupon the sd Stoke[s] came before Justice Carter & Complain'd of the ill treatment of the sd Butler ~ Justice Carter provided lodgings & a Nurse to take care of the said Stokes ~ after the said Stokes was recovered from his Illness ~ Justice Carter gave him an Order to be reinstated in the said Service ~ the said Order was rejected & not complyed with ~

(Coppy) Stoke's Shipping paper

spacerSt. Johns NewfdLand 7th May 1787 ~

This day I have agreed & Shiped myself to Edmond Colbert & Co to serve him from the day hereof untill the Twentieth day of Octor next as a Cooper or anything else for the benefit of my Interest & in Consideration of my due performance ~ I am to give him for Wages fifteen Pounds & his passage from Waterford ~ & after my Country Charges being deducted ~ I am to have the balance of my Acct in good Bills of Exe ~ as Witness by hand

signed Edmond Colbert
Dennis X Stokes

OrderspacerGeo. 3d &c. &c. &c.

You are hereby required to receive into your Services again ~ Dennis Stokes ~ which was turned off the room Sick ~ at your perill find not ~ on pain of ten pounds ~

Given under my hand in Ferryland
June 18th 1787 ~spacer
signed Robert Carter J.P.spacer

Edmd Colbert

These Certify that the bearer Dennis Stokes has leave & permission to Ship himself to whom he please ~

Given under my hand in Ferryland
July 3d. 1787 ~
[Robert Carter]

all whom it may

Sources: PANL, GN 5/4/C/1, Ferryland, box 1, 38-39, Dennis Stokes v. — Butler, [3 July] 1787.