Pashtun Kot

This plaque represents the Durrani state presence in British India. It identifies the Durrani state bonded warehouse in the famous Qissa Khani bazaar in Peshawar's old city. Although established in 1935, one or a number of similar Durrani state facilities and institutions existed in colonial Peshawar during the nineteenth century. It is interesting to note that although dubbed the "Pashtun Fort," the document is written in Persian.

Pashtun Kot (Pashtun Fort or Castle)

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. Established and founded on this spot, property of the government of Afghanistan, on the 2nd of Jad 1312 (c. 20 January 1933) during the well-inhered reign of the progressive and patriotic king of Afghanistan, His Majesty Muhammad Nader Shah Ghazi, may Allah's light shine on his grave, whose only desire and hope was the resurgence and well-being of the Islamic society of Afghanistan, (was) completed in 1314 HS (1935 AD) during the rule of His Majesty Muhammad Zahir Shah, may his state be safe, under the supervision of Mr. 'Abd al-Rasul, Afghan commercial representative at Peshawar, (and) was named Pashtun Kot. Architecture by G . . . (unintelligible).

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