Image Collections: Chapter 5

Worship and glorification of sati

Performance of pro-sati sentiment in Calcutta

Middle-class women living Baranbazar

Women waiting restlessly

Police temorarily halting the march

500 marwari women

Teenage boys holding dividing ropes

Police intervention and delay

Women waiting, with lotas of water

Women waiting

Water tanker from Kumhartolly Seva Samiti

The sun is scorching, even in "winter"

A small group assembled in support of the procession

Singing bhajans in support of the procession

Suresh appeared to be part of the temple committee

Volunteers rushing water from the truck to the women

Women sit in the street, as negotiations continue

Dancing and taunting the police

The women all stood up, rearranged their saris and the cups of water on their heads

Demonstration in support of the procession

The crowd in the Standard Chartered Bank

The procession resumes, slowly down the street

Decorated temple float

A silver chariot follows close behind

The silver chariot

Middle-class marwari women

Alka's aunt, mother and sister marching together

Men perforing aarti (worship) to the image

Only married women took a leading part

Annual procession, 12/4, Baranbazar, Calcutta