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Marwari women today go into a variety of professions and fields

Women in particular sometimes have a troubled relationship with their identity, and do not always wish to be identified as "Marwari"

Modern High School, founded by the Birla family, is one of Calcutta's leading school for girls

An introduction meeting is held to bring prospective couples and their families together

Marwari women take leadership roles in the organization

Couples recite traditional vows and perform Hindu marriage rituals

The All India Marwari Federation holds a mass wedding in Calcutta

Wrapping a turban on the groom's head to complete the marriage costume

A Bengali couple marries, the groom wearing the traditional Bengali wedding hat (topor)

Strands of flowers decorate the mass wedding

Couples wed in individual marriage stalls

The dowry gifts are provided by the organization

The video camera makes mass marriage into an individual event

Videotaping the rituals

A man waits for his bride-to-be

The All India Marwari Foundation office staff pose for a photograph by the author

Relaxing during the mass marriage festivities

Rituals of Hindu marriage

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