Image Collections: Chapter 3

A girls school and haveli museum is run by the Podar Trust in Nawalgarh

A figure on a Chettiar house

Automobiles were popular subjects of haveli paintings

An American tourist gazes at haveli art

Radha-Krishna deities are a popular devotional theme in haveli art

Paintings of trains commemorate the arrival of modernity

The automobile suggests the traders' cosmopolitan outlook

An abandoned Haveli suffers from neglect

A curio shop sells antiques from Chettiar mansions

Chalk drawings known as rangoli decorate the front of the household entrance

A horizontal mural of a train in Nawalgarh

The inclusion of Jesus suggests both cosmopolitanism and his inclusion in the Hindu pantheon of gods

A young mother puts on makeup and gazes into the mirror

A european woman sitting with fan

Chettiar mansions attest to the prosperity of the trading community

Interior courtyards keep out noise and dust, creating a peaceful environment for friends and family, and business associates

Chettiar mansions house local travellers

A Chettinadu couple laments the loss of their community's material heritage

Entryway to a Chettiar mansion

Extra rooms in Chettier mansions are sometimes occupied by renters

Interior of a Chettiar mansion

My research assistant, Annie, made a superb travel companion and translator in Tamil Nadu

A preserved Chettiar merchant house at Dakshinachitra

A sign welcomes visitors to a haveli museum

A war memorial in Chiru, Rajasthan

Gulf-returned Muslims build palatial mansions in their villages

Advertisement for a Haveli museum in Rajasthan