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Lives of Girls (Valentina Chauke)
Travel Story


27 June 1995, Facazisse

V: I remember that I had friends! Those I was happy with, really happy! Yah. Even though they were friends [who lived] across the river, you go, truly, you go to your friend's place—maybe every week, on Sundays, when you've finished your work. . . . I remember that tintswalo [kindness] 1 that we did for each other—because whatever was eaten by one of us, if she, your fellow, if she is eating something, you will eat it too. Hoh! When she arrives [V shakes her head suddenly, remembering], you cook, you sit down, you sit quietly together. You eat. You sit in a row, you talk, you laugh! You talk about—hah!—those things of the girls. The business of the men, we didn't care about those things! It was those things of the girls, only.

Travel Story: Author | Albertina | Rosalina | Valentina


Note 1: Tintswalo: benevolence, kindness, mercy. The word is also prominent in the Shangaan Christian lexicon, where it is used to express the notion of divine mercy and love.  Back.


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