Interview excerpt, Misse Xivuri
Interviews #1 (061) & 2 (085)
4 October 1995, 20 November 1995

M If something difficult happens, when the husband doesn't want those problems, well, he points to one...of his wives, he says, "All of these things are the fault of that one."... So, [she says,] "They speak of me, vavula mina."... Well, she says, "I name this child, I say 'Vavulayena,' to lessen my xiviti [bitterness], to soothe my moya [spirit]."... It's because these things were in her heart. Well, there are many people here at her vukatini. When they see something, they say, "It's your fault." Even if she doesn't know anything about it. Maybe a child is growing thin, "S/he was made sick by you." Well. Well, I'm born, and she says, "It's me, Vavulayena." She says, "Anything, anything, they give it to [i.e. blame] me."