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Manuscript Sources


Archivo General de Indias (Seville)

Sección de la Audiencia de Panamż 19, 31, 53, 65, 83, 95, 96, 99, 101, 109, 127, 130, 159-167, 181-182, 184, 204, 215, 222, 255, 260, 305, 306, 307, 361

Sección de la Audiencia de Santa Fe 255

Archivo Histórico Nacional (Madrid)

Consejos Suprimidos, Legajo numero 20647


Archivo Histórico Nacional (Bogotż)

Microfilmed viceregal records relevant to the Darién


National Library of Scotland (Edinburgh)

Advocate's Manuscripts 83.7.4

MSS of the Company of Scotland in fifty volumes, comprising subscription books, journals, ledgers, cash books, minute books, lists of goods shipped, lists of expenses, and miscellaneous papers

The Royal Bank of Scotland (Edinburgh)

MS Journal of the Court of Directors


Public Record Office (London)

Admiralty papers: Captain's letters; Adm. 1/2033; Adm. 1/4085

Goldsmith's Library Manuscript Collection, University of London

Darién Manuscripts

Bodleian Library, Oxford University

Locke MSS

United States

Special Collections, Firestone Library, Princeton University
(no. CO689) Paul Rycaut Letterbook, volume 2

Printed Manuscripts

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Contemporary Pamphlets and Texts

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